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Flat Patch Cables

A guitar rig is just as solid as its most vulnerable connection, consequently the significance of getting great quality guitar fix cables. At TourGearDesigns, we highlight market top choices, covering an assortment of value ranges and packages.

Guitar Pedalboard Cables

Pedals are mostly utilized for making a different range of tunes, sounds, and volumes. These can do some amazing things for your innovativeness. You can make an altogether new stable or can impersonate the specific sound of your preferred specialists with the assistance of these pedals. Be that as it may, on an essential level, pedals can control the volume of your guitar with you coming to the amplifier or control your playing style. There are various pedals to fill a few all the more needs. Henceforth, you can comprehend that guitar pedals become basic when you become a specialist and prepare to investigate the best out of your guitar.
6 Methods To Wire A Pedalboard
6 Methods To Wire A Pedalboard
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5 Best Size Of Cables To Manage Pedalboards

Cable management for your recently bought pedal-board is not as complex as you think. But before going in for the wiring process, you need to know the basics of the guitar pedalboard cables and the best cable sizes for your pedalboard. The aim is to put some effort and utilizing the cable management on your pedalboard properly for maximum benefits and proper output.


6 Best Methods To Wire A Pedalboard

Wondering how to set up the first pedalboard you just bought? Well, we understand your excitement and it is time that you know about the methods of wiring your pedalboard. Pedalboards come in numerous shapes and sizes and there is a vast range of methods to wire it. It is quite normal to feel limited with those tones coming out from your amp and now you are up for a unique experience. TourGearDesigns has accumulated the best methods to wire your first ever pedalboard and rest assured this process is quite an easy one once you understand the processes

Flat Patch Cables

TourGearDesigns has thought of the absolute best cable sizes to deal with your pedalboard. You will get a general thought regarding dealing with the level pedalboard cables and the Pedalboard Patch Cables of your pedalboard and your stalwart will be prepared in a matter of moments.

Guitar Pedalboard Cables USA

Visit Gear Designs has thought of probably the best link sizes to deal with your pedalboard. You will get a general thought regarding dealing with the level pedalboard links and the Pedalboard Patch Cables of your pedalboard and your stalwart will be prepared quickly.
What are the Different Types of Guitar Pedals
What are the Different Types of Guitar Pedals

Contingent upon how you tally them, there are numerous kinds of Guitar Pedalboard Cables out there that can take you from "just another great guitar player" to being that person with the conclusive tone and stage nearness that everybody is aware of around town.

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How to Choose the Best Acoustic Guitar Amplifier: 5 Ways
How to Choose the Best Acoustic Guitar Amplifier: 5 Ways

The amplifier with flat frequency response and pure sound would be an ideal choice. At the same time, a good amplifier comes with good quality guitar pedalboard cables. One cable connects the guitar to the pedalboard, and another is connected between the pedalboard and the amplifiers.

How to Choose the Best Acoustic Guitar Amplifier: 5 Ways

The first few things that come to our minds on hearing about acoustic guitar amplifiers are the big speakers and cabinets behind the singers at the concerts. If you are looking for something that can amplify the sound of your guitar effectively, then you have to understand a whole lot of stuff. You need to know about the functions of the amplifiers along with the pedals and cables attached to them. Because everything counts for the best quality sound production.

Tour Gear Design - Flat Pedal Cables

We design Flat Pedal Cables which are the perfect upgrade for a neat, clean, and smart amp up in the performance quality of your guitar pedalboard cables.

What Are The Different Types Of Guitar Pedals?

The task of choosing the right guitar pedal can be a little intimidating, especially if you are new to the world of guitar pedals. But before moving any further, you need to know and understand how exactly a guitar pedal impacts the sound and why do you need one.

Flat Pedalboard Cables

The shorter the flat pedalboard cables are, the better the sound output quality is. So, the best quality flat pedalboard cables are worth your investment in the long run.

4 Facts About Flat Ribbon Patch Cables For Your Pedalboard

Cables are something no one might be very interested in thinking about. But you should be. While constantly overlooked, this tiny pedalboard component can be the very key to a seamless experience on the stage where you can rock out your tunes perfectly. A sturdy pedalboard is for sure but have you thought about upgrading your cables? 

Ways To Can Help Musicians During COVID-19

With the rise and worry regarding COVID-19, we have been advised to keep a distance from one another to help flatten the curve of the spread. This means places of gathering have been told to shut down. This includes cafes, restaurants, music stores, and live music venues.


Best Flat Patch Load In USA

TourGear Designs is the ultimate solution to all your guitar pedalboard cable problems. A decent upgrade from the ordinary cables for pedalboards that come with the unwanted risks of cable jams and spacing issues. 

Try out our Flat Pedal Cables and revel at the sight of a clean and neat setup of your pedalboard. We can marginally help reduce space consumption to a bare minimum between multiple pedals.