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How To Choose Best Patch Cables for Guitar Pedals

Every music performance is essentially reliant on the kind and quality of equipment being used. At the heart of every live concert or an enjoyable music show, the role and need for efficient instruments are undeniable. When it comes to guitars, every guitarist or musician wants the right kind of accessories and equipment to make the best quality of music. When it comes to guitar pedals, using the best patch cables is imperative for optimal performance. Flat patch cables are a popular choice among a lot of guitarists who regularly perform at live concerts.


The importance of patch cables and making the right choice
While some people underestimate the role or essentiality of patch cables and Pedalboard Wiring, in actuality these cables are of great importance and can make a huge difference to the tone and quality of music being produced. In fact, it may be naive to consider them as simple wires and not pay attention to their quality. 


Flat patch cables must be chosen in a very calculated manner, and the best performance can only be ensured by making a well-informed decision. Before choosing the perfect patch cables, the imminent question is, what actually is a patch cable? 


A patch cable is simply a short cable that connects the electric guitar pedals to one another. Although it sounds very simple, these are a key part of the pedalboard wiring and is very essential to ensure the right tone and quality of music. There are various things to look for while choosing a patch cable, along with these factors.


Choosing the right patch cables 

Let us take a look at these points and factors before you buy patch cables for your next live concert. 
  • Your budget: Patch cables are a really great investment if you want quality music and deciding how much you want to spend on these cables is a very important part of the decision. A simple rule for patch cables is that a competitive price will reflect the quality of the cables. Doing your research and finding the right price should guarantee the desired results. 

  • The two main types of metal plugs are right-angled and straight. The right angles can be an ideal choice if you want more room on the pedalboard by organizing the effect pedals all in such a way that they come closer to the pedalboard. 

Some of the other key factors to look for in these patch cables are:
  • The length of the cables and choosing short pedal couplers is the most sustainable choice. Patch cables usually come in lengths of 6”, and 18”. TourGear Designs is offering the most commonly used 6” at a great value and quality. 

  • Buying patch cables in bundles is the best choice as they come at a much lesser cost in bundles.

  • The plug type, which is a right angle or straight also needs to be chosen according to needs.

  • Make sure the cable jacket has good build quality. Usually made up of flexible PVC, the outer jacket provides protection and offers durability.
Be it Flat Patch Cables or round ones, you must not forget the aesthetic factor, before buying them. Choosing a reliable brand or pedalboard wiring supplier is the perfect choice to get the perfect patch cables.