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Best Guitar Patch Cables with Reviews



A patch cable is basically a small cable that connects pedals to one another. The advantage of patch cable is that it shortens the amount of total length that the signal of any guitar needs to travel through. The specific cable that connects the guitar to the pedal on the pedal board is known as the guitar cable. However, the cables that are situated in between the pedals are normally referred to as the pedal patch cables or the guitar patch cables. For any music lover especially for the guitarists, the patch cables are an essential part because they have a significant impact on the sound that is produced.





The more number of cables, the weaker the signal; so if too many cables are being used that it can eventually muddy the tone. Shopping for patch cables is not that easy and a pedal made of gold is definitely not needed to provide excellent results. Therefore, spending too much on the pedal patch cables is not required. Pedalboard wiring is also an essential thing to watch out for when buying cables for guitar. 

The most important thing to watch out for is durability and quantity. The cables should last for at least a year unless excessive abuse has been done. Higher quality cables last a bit longer than the cheaper ones but they are a bit expensive. 


The top 5 guitar patch cables are listed below along with the reviews:



  • Planet Waves Classic Series Patch Cables – it was invented by the brand D’Addario in the year 1996. It catered to musicians of all kinds and all types. They expanded the company’s ability to manufacture a wide range of products. One of the most notable and prominent products of the company was their guitar cables. Their pedalboard patch cables were very innovative. While the other companies were still using the stock cables. The company was able to launch a series of innovative cables and the most notable feature of this cable is their in-out technology. It helps in maintaining clarity and tonal characteristics. These cables are also shielded, which is significant in reducing the signal. They are right-angled which makes it ideal for a pedalboard. Also, they have molded plugs that help to reduce the strain. It is definitely recommended to buy this type of patch cable for greater efficiency. 


  • Hosa IRG Patch Cables – it was invented by the company Hosa Technology in the year 1984. It is one of the leading producers of connectivity solutions. They use a lot of technical terms to describe the design of the cables. As already stated above that pedalboard wiring is an essential part of patch cables. Specific terms like oxygen free copper and spiral shielding are a bit bland and unclear to a regular customer. However, they provide features such as all metal plugs for the cables which are great because they increase the durability of the cables. It is recommended for those musicians who want a lot of durability for their cables.


  • Mogami 1.5RR Gold Patch Cable – Mogami is one of the names when it is about cables for musicians. Some of the notable musicians who have used the Mogami cables are The Blue Man group, Dave Mustaine, etc. these cables are mainly for the professional musicians who require a crystal clear sound. These cables are made up of gold plated plugs. The quality of shielding and durable condition is also great. It is a bit expensive but is hugely recommended by professional musicians. The pedalboard patch cables are of great quality. 


  • Doner Pedal Coupler – couplers are like that of patch cables but they are not really cables. They are like two ends of a cable fused and sandwiched together. The Doner Pedal Coupler is a great option for musicians. The difference between patch cables and couplers is that they shorten the signal chain. It means that investment in a large pedalboard is not needed. But customers are often hesitant to try them out. Pedal coupler is an important addition to the rig of a guitarist. They are highly affordable and therefore highly recommended.


  • Lava Cable Tightrope - it’s a combination of high components and low profile designs. The cables are professionally hand soldered with 4% silver solder blend. These cables are great for professional musicians. If the customer has a lot of money, then these cables are recommended. 



Pedalboard patch cables are a really essential part of guitars. Depending on the quality of the cable, the quality of sound is produced. Too many cables are complicated to handle and makes everything very bland and dull. Therefore, when purchasing pedalboard patch cables the above points should be kept in mind. The pedalboard wiring should also be exacted to suit the customer's needs and preferences.